The company has developed its activity in various paper markets, establishing regular sales of diverse paper qualities used for newspapers, printing, envelopes, agendas, continuous stationary,sacks and bags, corrugating, packaging, tissue products and other technical applications.

The represented suppliers have ISO certified mills in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Spain, England, Greece, South Africa, Hungary, Bulgaria.

Apart from technical knowledge of the paper products and the personal relationships established over many years with the most important buyers, the success of the company is due also to the 'successful strategies ' adopted for the implementation and for the consolidation of the 'Supplier/Customer Partnership':

Information System performs the exchange of information and documents between Supplier and Customer 'on real time';
Data Bank includes the data of all potential Customers, classified according to the geographical site and according to the specific paper market, and indicates their requirements per single product and their available machinery;
Credit Control ensures the payment of the supply, as the respective commercial risk is insured with a first-class Insurance Company in favour and on behalf of the Supplier.

Sunpaper is at full disposal of Customers and Suppliers with its

'successful strategies'.
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